Saponaria officinalis
Bouncing Bette or soapwort grows in waste places and roadsides.

Special characters: brackets

Brackets are used to distinguish text in an aside when parentheses are not appropriate.

( ) parentheses

[  ] square brackets

{  } braces or curly brackets

< > angle brackets

Square brackets may indicate a comment or explanation made by the editor, outside of the original text.

Angle brackets are sometimes used to delineate URLs and e-mail addresses.

The opening angle bracket ( < ) may be a symbol for “less than” and the closing angle bracket ( > ), for “more than”.

Special brackets are commonly used to express mathematical functions. Make sure to use the correct keyboard characters to create these brackets.

Special reading assignment

  1. “One cannot borrow beauty; it must be brought up, like a baby, from within.”
  2. Beaver dams, on one hand, may cause floods. On the other, they may maintain a wetland environment.

One thought on “B is for Bouncing Bette

  1. Thank you, Kathleen. I’m obviously not a mathematician, but I do remember using various symbols that are almost-but-not-quite those commonly used in correspondence. For most of us, we use what is on the keyboard, and our inequality signs refer to estimates of cash required or calendar dates. I hope that mathematicians are not relying on an English manual for information about signs and symbols.

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