Crataegus sp.
This small hawthorn sits next to the shore of Lake Ontario, where the spray of wave action coated it with water on a cold, windy day.

I is for italic

Italic is a sloping typeface used for the following reasons:


I say we should go.

foreign words                                                  

His work was his raison d’etre.

genus and species (biological)              

Icterus icterus (exotic bird).

the first occurrence of a word                           

Italic is a sloping typeface. Use italics…

titles of publications, works of art                     

A Field Guide to the Birds.

legal references                                    

The Official Languages Act.

names of ships, aircraft, trains, etc.                   

HMCS Haida

unknown quantities in mathematics                   

Let n represent the number of things…

letters and words under discussion                   

The letter I is a vowel.

some headings                                                 

I is for Ice. 

Italic type and handwriting are derived from the style of Italian Aldus Manutius (1449—1515). Modern italic handwriting is a hybrid of printing and cursive, without the loops of many schoolroom styles.


  1. Search the Internet for “Icterus icterus” to find a photo of the bird and its common name.

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