The Literary Connection Volume II is a collection of poetry, stories, and photographs on the theme of ‘My Canada!’ Twenty-six Canadian authors write of their connection to the land they call home. Canada’s natural beauty forms the backdrop of poems and stories of life ‘then’ and ‘now’; of coping with the elements; of nostalgia for a simpler time, the old country; and quiet pride in the ‘spirit’ of a nation that has welcomed settlers and held on to its core altruistic values. Established writers and emerging writers are featured in this issue, many from the Greater Toronto Area. There are entries and photographs from other parts of Canada. The editor of the anthology, Cheryl Antao-Xavier, is the publisher of In Our Words Inc. She worked one-on-one with submitting authors to feature their work in-line with the theme of the anthology. The Literary Connection Volume II is a tribute to Canada that reflects its scenic beauty, its history and heritage, its multicultural diversity, and the love and pride Canadians have in their country and it’s image in the world as a peace-loving nation.

The Literary Connection: My Canada! makes a great Canada Day gift, especially for new Canadians.

For submission guidelines to future editions of The Literary Connection, visit In Our Words Inc. publishers.

IOWI Publisher
In Our Words Inc. is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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