Merridy Cox Bradley

Merridy Cox (Bradley), technical writer, editor, indexer, and photographer, is Managing Editor at Lyrical Leaf Publishing.  She has experience in thesaurus-building and other such three-dimensional cross-paragraph puzzles. Her background is in biology (B.Sc.) and museums (M.Msl.), and she has a love of natural history and the English language. You may find her in Toronto, Peterborough, or occasionally Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

She is sometimes available for copyediting non-fiction and fiction manuscripts. Besides that, she is available for creating back-of-book indexes, which increase the value and sales of non-fiction books and long reports.

Look for Merridy on LinkedIn.

Follow on Twitter @MerridyCox, especially in posts about #NaturalPhenomenon, #FoundObject, or #EnglishManual.

For original photos of nature around us, visit  Lyrical Leaf Publishing on Facebook. English language students may like to practise their reading on this site.

Acer sp.
Sugar maples are colourful in the fall.

6 thoughts on “The Author

    1. Hello Monkey Side Bars, I have published an e-book, “Edwardian Annotated Pets and How to Keep Them,” Part I: Beasts, which includes info about 17 monkeys kept as pets in England around 1907. The annotations mainly say, don’t do this at home! Charming black and white photos illustrate the text. Thanks for your interest. Merridy.

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